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Ashburn Presbyterian Church Cemetery

The Ashburn Presbyterian Church cemetery is located next to the historic Ashburn Presbyterian Church in Loudoun County, Virginia. Families interred there include Muse, Havener, Caylor, Maffett, Lefevre and their allied families. All images taken 2000-2004.

Church building erected in the late 1870s. Cemetery next to church parking lot.
Charles Franklin Muse (1852-1902),
son of Thomas and Nancy E (Peacock) Muse
Hugh Lawrence Muse (1882-1904),
son of Thomas S and Mary E Muse
Ida (Havener) Muse (1856-1940),
wife of Charles F Muse
James Henry Muse (1879-1882),
son of Thomas S Muse
Mary Francis (Lefever) Muse
(1853-1932), wife of Thomas Stictman Muse
Thomas Stictman Muse (1853-1916)
Sarah Woody "Sallie" (Hammerly) Lefever (1827-1899), wife of Henry S Lefever Nancy E (Peacock) Muse (1833-1910), wife of Thomas Muse
Blanche Edna Muse (1884-1884), daughter of Thomas S Muse

Belmont Chapel Cemetery

The old Belmont Chapel Cemetery is located near Leesburg, Virginia, just south of the Route 7 and Claiborne Parkway interchange and now on the grounds of St Davids Episcopal Church and School. I visited in July 2006 and photographed the Dove gravesites.

Remains of old Belmont Chapel, destroyed in 1963, after many years of decline, by a fire set by vandals. The tombstones are behind the foundation stones. Overview of tombstones of Dove families.
Our Mother, Elizabeth Dove
Wife of John Dove
Born Aug 16, 1838
Died Nov 20, 1918
William Dove
Died Aug 25, 1871, aged 61 years
Elizabeth Ankers
Died Sept 27, 1908
In her 67 Year
Jessie M Dove, dau of John & Elizabeth Dove
Born May 1st, 1874
Died Feb 1st, 1916
Elizabeth Dove
Born Oct 27, 1814
Died July 25, 1885

Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Located about 2.5 miles north of the village of Prosperity in Washington County, Pennsylvania. All images taken in April 2004.

Anna Winget (1805-1841) Nancy Winget (1768-1844), wife of William Winget
Sarah (Winget) Sibert (1802-1841) William Winget (1769-1841)
Winget row

Brown's Chapel Cemetery

The cemetery is located on Hunter Mill Road, south of the intersection of Route 7 and Baron Cameron Avenue in Fairfax County.

Brown's Chapel was a Methodist Church, built about 1875. In a 1969 Historical American Buildings Survey, Nan Netherton wrote: "In 1874 Augustus and Sarah Brown deeded a half acre of land to trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church for the erection of a house of worship within 5 years. According to Edward Wagstaff, Curator of Sully, the first services were held in the church in 1879. The Hopkins' Atlas map of that year identifies the church on its original site, the southwest corner of Leesburg Pike and [now] Baron Cameron Avenue. Reverend Augustus Brown and his sons, Joe and Irving, constructed the church building. It served an active congregation until 1967."

The chapel was moved in 1968 to its present site opposite the entrance to the Lake Anne Village Center in Reston so it could be preserved. The cemetery remains on Hunter Mill Road and is well-maintained. It's appearance today is quite different from what I remember in the late 1940s and early 1950s - then it was a sleepy country road, well-treed, off a two-lane Leesburg Pike. We visited a number of times to see my grandmother's grave and leave flowers and sometimes knock down the grass that had grown - the maintenance at that time left a lot to be desired. Images taken in 2003 and 2008, except as noted.

Charles Stoy (1818-1905) and
Phoebe (Kelley) Stoy (1844-1903)
Maria (Caylor) Stoy (1877-1941)
Samuel Thomas Caylor (1839-1918) Thomas V Caylor (1870-1937)
Laura Virginia (Edwards) Caylor
James L Caylor (1873-1933)
Harvey E Caylor (1872-1936) Caylor graves, May 2015. Image taken in 2015.
Brown's Chapel Cemetery Historic Building Survey

Cedar Hill Cemetery

Located in Suitland, Maryland, just over the District line in Southeast Washington and adjacent to the historic Lincoln Memorial Cemetery. Joseph John Caylor was a principal in the cemetery, which helps explain why so many of his relations are buried there - he had gone so far as to reinter his father at Cedar Hill.  Images taken about 2005.

Cecil (Caylor) Spaulding
(1891-1966), wife of James Eliot Spaulding
Edith (Caylor) Spence
(1900-1936), wife of Clifford H Spence
Edith (Cockerille) Caylor
(1866-1948), wife of Joseph John Caylor
Joseph J Caylor (1864-1927)
Martin Joseph Petersilia (1913-2003) and Edith (Spaulding) Petersilia (1915-1997) Mildred (Caylor) Mark (1897-1968), wife of Charles Marvin Mark
Vera A (Caylor) Reid (1894-1957) and Harold W Reid (1899-1958)

Colestown Cemetery

Located at intersection of Kings Highway and Church Road, about 3.5 miles NE of Haddonfield, Camden County, New Jersey. All images were taken in January 2001.

Entrance to Cemetery at Kings Highway and Church Road
Adelaide Stoy (1844-1905),
wife of Richard A Ludlam
Amelia (Welser) Stoy
Joseph A Stoy (1850-1896)
Joseph C Stoy (1809-1881) family
Joseph C Stoy family
Theodore F Stoy
(1847/50 -1892)

Haddonfield Baptist Church Cemetery

Cemetery is located in Haddonfield on King's Highway, a few blocks NE of downtown. All images were taken in January 2001.

Chapel building at entrance to cemetery on Kings Highway
Stoy stones, view 1
Stoy stones, view 2
Stoy stones, view 3
Susanna (Fish) Stoy (1807-1877), wife of Daniel R Stoy
Catherine (Rodgers) Stoy (1775-1853), wife of Philip Stoy
Daniel R Stoy (1846-1847 and Anna R Stoy (1847-1861), children of John Stoy and Rebecca (Fish) Stoy
Daniel R Stoy (1803-1860)
Elizabeth Stoy, probably an infant or young child of Daniel R Stoy, since her stone is in the same row as Daniel
Jacob L Rowand (1799-1880) and Lydia (Braddock) Rowand (1804-1855). Jacob was the "family lawyer" for the Stoys
James E Stoy (1851-1938) James R Stoy (1796-1842)
James Stoy (1831-1890) Rebecca H (Fish) Stoy (1822-1889), wife of John Stoy
Margaret (Clutch) Stoy (1793-1866), wife of James R Stoy
Maria (Stoy) Burrough (1806-1885), wife of Samuel H Burrough
Philip Stoy (1765-1852)
Samuel H Burrough (1808-1870)
Samuel R Stoy (1816-1879)

Harleigh Cemetery

Located in the Parkside community of Camden, New Jersey, fronting on the Cooper River and adjacent to the Camden County Historical Society.

Harry P Stoy family

Hillside - Broad Run Cemetery

In 1995, Eugene Scheel was asked by the Mobil Land Development Corporation to complete a site survey of the area being developed as Broadlands: "1) To define the boundaries of the Broad Run Church property, which held a church and graveyard; 2) To ascertain who might be buried in the graveyard, as the amount and dates of interments could determine the size and shape of the graveyard; 3) To find out from long-time residents and persons with kin in the graveyard how they would like to see the graveyard and church lot maintained, beautified. . . ." This report was provided to me by Betsy Caylor Carter in 2007 (during the scanning of the document and conversion to a pdf file, I corrected a few misspellings and co-joined words to make searching easier).1

This 1926 map shows the major roads in the Waxpool-Ryan-Ashburn area, as well as Beaverdam Creek, flowing north-south just west of Waxpool.  It was not until 1972 that the Beaverdam Reservoir was completed. In 1937 the Waxpool area with rural with many farms on the Waxpool-Ryan Road. John LeFevre's house is visible as is the dairy farm of Earl Smith
In 1957 the area remained rural but the Earl Smith dairy farm, which he had expanded, is more visible. This is a 2002 image. Broadlands was developed in the late 1990s with the homeowners association started in 1995. The cemetery was preserved and enclosed and Waxpool Road was substantially rerouted and expanded - no longer the rural two-lane road I remember from my travels there in 1998-2000.
By 2015 this part of Broadlands was fully developed.
This view of the revitalized cemetery was taken about 1995-97, just after the Broadlands development construction was started. The marker near the cemetery (image taken in 2000).
The next eight images were taken prior to the Broadlands subdivision being built and prior to the partial restoration of the cemetery , probably about 1995 - photographer unknown.
Basil Havener (1800-1855). Possibly James H Brooks ??  His association with the families buried here is unknown.
Joseph Arundell (1808-1881). John Lefevre (1829-1903) and Mary Elizabeth (Howser) LeFevre (1835-1911). Their home was across Waxpool-Ryan Road from the cemetery.
Mary E (Hummer) Havener (1843-1879), wife of Richard H Havener. Samuel LeFevre (1828-1904), brother of John and a veteran of the Civil War.
Peter Oatyer (1751-1834). Rachel (LeFevre) Havener (1811-1890)  and Basil Havener (1800-1855).  Rachel was the sister of Honor (LeFevre) Arundell, John LeFevre and Samuel LeFevre.
Probably Peter Oatyer's wife.
The remainder of the images were taken by Ann Arnold Hennings and Robert Stoy. Monuments had been erected and a fence around the primary grave site had been installed. Unfortunately, grave markers were still being disturbed and burrowing animals were making a mess of the site.
One of two monuments erected in the 1990s to commemorate the people buried here. Image taken in 2000. The second of the two monuments. Image taken in 2000.
Peter Oatyer 1751-1834. Image taken in 1997. Peter Oatyer 1751-1834. Images taken in 2000.
Probably the grave marker for Peter Oatyer's wife, Elizabeth. Image taken in 1997. Samuel Lefevre 1828-1904, a Civil war veteran. Image taken in 2000.

Lyon Family Cemetery

The Lyon Family Cemetery (next to 3rd green, Brambleton Regional Park and Golf Course, Ryan Road) has gravesites for Lyon, Shryock, Moran, Edwards and Dove family members. There's good news and bad news about the cemetery's location. The fact is that it still exists and has been preserved even though the Brambleton Regional Park and Golf Course was constructed in 1994 on the old farmland. However, it's in a fairly run-down condition and has not been maintained well. Images were taken in October 2001.

View of cemetery View of cemetery
Mary (Dove) Edwards (1822-1887) Mary (Dove) Edwards (1822-1887)
Lydia (Edwards) Havener (1837-1878)

Mt Holly Cemetery

Located on Ridgeway Street, 0.6 miles north of downtown Mt Holly, Camden County, New Jersey.

Monument for Elenora Stoy (1823-1904)

National Memorial Park

Located on Lee Highway, 1.7 miles west of the center of Falls Church, Fairfax County, Virginia.

Louise (Young) Stoy (1917-1977), wife of Robert Stoy Robert L Stoy (1909-1985)
Virginia (Stoy) Arnold (1906-1992), wife of Worth Arnold( Worth Arnold (1904-1958)

New Providence Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Originally named the Turkey Presbyterian Church, it is located at the intersection of Springfield Avenue and Passaic Street in New Providence Borough, Union County, New Jersey. Interesting fact: there are 48 Revolutionary War soldiers buried here.  The first church on the site was erected in 1737. All images taken in July 2006.

Side of the church from Passaic Street. Elnathan Cory (1702-1766)
Tombstones at rear of church

Oak Mound Cemetery

The entrance is located on Piper Street, 0.8 miles east of Healdsburg Avenue in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California. All images taken in May 2016. The Walker family is buried on the high point of the "mound" surrounded by live oak trees - hence the name of the cemetery.

Sign at entrance Map of cemetery with Walker gravesites marked.
Panorama of lower section just inside the entrance gate. View of cemetery from top of hill near where Walker gravestones are located.
Panorama of Joel Walker family grave site. Joel Walker tombstones.
Mary (Young) Walker (1799-1856), wife of Joel Pickens Walker Louisa Walker (1841-1863), daughter of Joel and Mary Walker.
Martha Young (1790-1870), sister of Mary Young. William N Walker (1835-1878), son of Joel and Mary Walker.
Joel Pickens Walker (1797-1879)

Old Clarkesville Cemetery

Located between E. Morgan and E. Wayne Streets in downtown Clarkesville, Habersham County, Georgia.

Cemetery Elizabeth (Fuller) Lambert (1857-1938), wife of John Dillard Lambert
John Dillard Lambert (1858-1934) Martha (Poston) Alley (1787-1862), wife of William Wilburn Alley
Mary Ellen Fuller (1859-1887) wife of John Dillard Lambert Nancy L (Dooley) Alley (1818-1885), wife of William Coleman Alley
William Coleman Alley (1813-1896) William Wilburn Alley (1785-1866)

Old Sterling Cemetery

Located on the northwest corner of West Church Road and Cascades Parkway, Loudoun County, Virginia, across from the Sterling Cemetery. The cemetery was deeded in 1892 - the newer cemetery across the road dates from 1916.

Inside the cemetery gates Anna Ankers (1827-1901)
James E Ankers (1837-1909) Lulu Baker (1884-1901)
Anna Stella (Baker) Blincoe (1878-1907), wife of Harvey E Blincoe

Rock Creek Cemetery

Located on New Hampshire Avenue NW, north of Grant Circle and very close to the Young home on Emerson Street, where my grandparents lived during my early years in the late 1940s and 1950s.

Entrance to Rock Creek Cemetery Young memorial stone
Thomas Henry Young (1883-1958) and Grace (Rudd) Young (1989-1948)

Sterling Cemetery

Located on West Church Road at the intersection of Cascades Parkway, Loudoun County, Virginia. Image taken in November 2012, except as noted.

Central part of cemetery, up the hill from the entrance George Marion Caylor. 2007 image
Annie (Sexton) Caylor (1850-1926), wife of George H Caylor. 2007 image Annie (Sexton) Caylor (1850-1926), wife of George H Caylor. 2012 image
James S Ankers (1854-1916) 2007 image George Marion Caylor (1910-1983), 2007 image
George H Caylor (1834-1920), 2007 image George H Caylor (1834-1920), 2012 image
George Caylor (1886-1925) and Edith (Dixon) Caylor (1878-1963) George Ellmore (1909-1971)
George S Ankers (1884-1955) Laura (Hummer) Ellmore Ankers (1890-1942)
Mahlon Austin Ankers (1888-1964) and Mary (Fleming) Ankers (1892-1990) E Carson Page (1901-1986) and Annie Elizabeth (Caylor) Page (1914-1994)
George H Caylor and Annie (Sexton) Caylor

Upper Ten-Mile Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Located on Route 18, Prosperity Pike, one-half mile southeast of Prosperity, Washington County, Pennsylvania. All images taken in April 2004.

Part of old section of cemetery where the Caleb Winget stone is located View looking toward Prosperity Pike
View behind the Rutan stones Samuel Rutan (1804-1883)
Sarah Rutan (1827-1881), first wife of Samuel Rutan Ebenzer Goble (1757-1815) and John D Goble (c.1785-1824)
Demas Lindley family Caleb Winget (1744-1817)