Belmont Chapel Cemetery

The old Belmont Chapel Cemetery is located near Leesburg, Virginia, just off Route 7 and now on the grounds of St Davids Episcopal Church and School. I visited in July 2006 and photographed the Dove gravesites.

Remains of old Belmont Chapel, destroyed in 1963, after many years of decline, by a fire set by vandals. The tombstones are behind the foundation stones. Overview of tombstones of Dove families.
Our Mother, Elizabeth Dove
Wife of John Dove
Born Aug 16, 1838
Died Nov 20, 1918
William Dove
Died Aug 25, 1871, aged 61 years
Elizabeth Ankers
Died Sept 27, 1908
In her 67 Year
Jessie M Dove, dau of John & Elizabeth Dove
Born May 1st, 1874
Died Feb 1st, 1916
Elizabeth Dove
Born Oct 27, 1814
Died July 25, 1885