Brown's Chapel Cemetery

Brown's Chapel was a Methodist Church on Hunter's Mill Road, just off of the Leesburg Pike, built about 1875. In a 1969 Historical American Buildings Survey, Nan Netherton wrote: "In 1874 Augustus and Sarah Brown deeded a half acre of land to trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church for the erection of a house of worship within 5 years. According to Edward Wagstaff, Curator of Sully, the first services were held in the church in 1879. The Hopkins' Atlas map of that year identifies the church on its original site, the southwest corner of Leesburg Pike and [now] Baron Cameron Avenue. Reverend Augustus Brown and his sons, Joe and Irving, constructed the church building. It served an active congregation until 1967."

The chapel was moved in 1968 to its present site opposite the entrance to the Lake Anne Village Center in Reston so it could be preserved. The cemetery remains on Hunters Mill Road and is well-maintained. It's appearance today is quite different from what I remember in the late 1940s and early 1950s - then it was a sleepy country road, well-treed, off a two-lane Leesburg Pike. We visited a number of times to see my grandmother's grave and leave flowers and sometimes knock down the grass that had grown - the maintenance at that time left a lot to be desired. Photographs taken 1999.

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