Hillside - Broad Run Cemetery

In 1995, Eugene Scheel was asked by the Mobil Land Development Corporation to complete a site survey of the area being developed as Broadlands: "1) To define the boundaries of the Broad Run Church property, which held a church and graveyard; 2) To ascertain who might be buried in the graveyard, as the amount and dates of interments could determine the size and shape of the graveyard; 3) To find out from long-time residents and persons with kin in the graveyard how they would like to see the graveyard and church lot maintained, beautified. . . ." This report was provided to me by Betsy Caylor Carter in 2007 (during the scanning of the document and conversion to a pdf file, I corrected a few misspellings and co-joined words to make searching easier).1

As recently as 1988, the Waxpool area and the Hillside Cemetery was rural and largely as it had been for the past 100 years. The original roads are easily seen as is the John Lefevre home and the dairy. This is an expanded image of that on the left, showing detail of the farm and the burial site location next to the dairy barn.
A current map of the area shows the new roads as well as the original road paths. This is a current (2005) aerial image of the cemetery area, showing the changing road patterns and the location of the cemetery and the John Lefevre home.
This view of the new cemetery was taken about 1997, just after the Broadlands subdivision construction was started. The marker near the cemetery (2000).
The next four images were taken prior to the Broadlands subdivision being built and prior to the partial restoration of the cemetery , probably about 1995 - photographer unknown.
Honour Lafever Arundel 1813-1872 and Joseph Arundel 1808-1881. John Lefevre 1829-1903 and Mary Elizabeth Howser Lefevre 1835-1911.
Rachel Lefevre Havener 1811-1890 and Basil Havener 1800-1855 Peter Oatyar 1751-1834, apparently the oldest stone in the cemetery. His wife's stone has not been found.
The remainder of the images were taken between 1997 and 2000 by Ann Arnold Hennings and Robert Stoy. Monuments had been erected and a fence around the primary grave site had been installed. Unfortunately, grave markers were still being disturbed and burrowing animals were making a mess of the site.
One of two monuments erected in the 1990s to commemorate the people buried here. The second of the two monuments.
Peter Oatyar 1751-1834. Image taken in 1997. Peter Oatyar 1751-1834. Image taken in 2000.
Samuel Lefevre 1828-1904, a Civil war veteran. Historic site survey of Broad Run Church by Eugene Scheel.


1. "An Archaeological Reconnaissance and Historic-Site Survey of the Broad Run Church, Graveyard, and Environs at Broadlands, Near Ashburn Loudoun County, Virginia," Apr-May 1995, Eugene M Scheel (PO Box 260, Waterford, VA 77096) to David R Schultz (Mobil Land Development, 11911 Freedom Dr, Suite 300;, Reston, VA 22090).