Lyon Family Cemetery

The Lyon Family Cemetery (next to 3rd green, Brambleton Regional Park and Golf Course, Ryan Road) has gravesites for Lyon, Shryock, Moran, Edwards and Dove family members. There's good news and bad news about the cemetery's location. The fact is that it still exists and has been preserved even though the Brambleton Regional Park and Golf Course was constructed in 1994 on the old farmland. However, it's in a fairly run-down condition and has not been maintained well. Images were taken in 2000.

These first two photographs show an overview of the cemetery location near the 3rd green of the golf course.
Lydia Dent Havener, wife of William A Havener. Her son, William, apparently placed this fancy monument, likely quite sometime after 1878 (when William was just starting to attend Virginia Polytechnic in Blacksburg) when William had more money from his business as an attorney. Mary Dove, wife of Joseph Edwards,