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Dutch Handwriting and Fonts

Research Process

Critical Thinking


Alexander Simson (c.1665-1721) New York - Richmond County
Robert Young Sr (c.1717-1792) Tennessee - Washington County
John Simpson (1726-1786) New Jersey - Gloucester County
John Rodgers (?-1797) New Jersey - Camden County
Phebe (Douglass) Young (c.1743-1810) Tennessee - Washington County
Simeon Simpson (1743-1830) Pennsylvania - Washington County
John Young (c.1745-c.1801) Tennessee - Washington County
Robert Young Jr (c.1746-1806) Tennessee - Washington County
John Baker (??-1803) New Jersey - Hunterdon County
Herrod Rudd (c.1745-1829) Tennessee - McMinn County
Stephen Simpson (1749-1842) Pennsylvania - Greene County
Peter Oatyar (1751-1834) Virginia - Loudoun County
Isaiah Clutch (c.1755-1831) New Jersey - Gloucester County
Charles Young (c.1758-1796) Tennessee - Washington County
Joseph Young (c.1762-1822) Tennessee - Washington County
Esther (Crockett) Young (c.1764-1843) Tennessee - Washington County
Philip Stoy (1767-1852) New Jersey - Camden County
Mary (Rutledge) Young (c.1768-1810) Tennessee - Washington County
Jacob Caylor (1775-1848) Ohio - Fayette County
Catherine (Etcher) Caylor (1781-1850) Ohio - Fayette County
James W Young (c.1784-1834) Tennessee - Washington County
Wilkins Young (c.1792-c.1826) Tennessee - Washington County
Aminda (Sayre) Kelly (1824-1885) West Virginia - Wetzel County
Theodore Stoy (1847-1892) New Jersey - Camden County


James Stoy (1796-1842) New Jersey - Gloucester County
Daniel Stoy (1804-1860) New Jersey - Camden County


Jonathan Douglas and Phebe Young to James Young
9 Nov 1808
Tennessee - Washington County
James R Young and Lebright E R Young
29 Aug 1848
Tennessee - Washington County
James R Young to James T Young
25 Jan 1849 1st deed
Tennessee - Washington County
James R Young to James T Young
25 Jan 1849 2nd deed
Tennessee - Washington County
James T Young to Wm H Young
7 Aug 1862
Tennessee - Washington County
L E R Young to Wm H Young
11 May 1863
Tennessee - Washington County
O L Young to Pleasant McGhee
31 Dec 1883
Tennessee - Washington County

Military Pension Papers

Simeon Simpson (1743-1830) Revolutionary War
Stephen Simpson (1749-1842) Revolutionary War
John Primm (1750-1837) Revolutionary War
James Primm (1754-1820) Revolutionary War
Samuel Rutan (1754-1840) Revolutionary War
Samuel Morrison (1841-1887) Civil War

Personal Journals

Robert Huey Parker (1835-1910) Georgia - Habersham County


Manufacturing Industries North Carolina - Iredell County
listing from 1820 census
Stoy Family Genealogy - Ann (Arnold) Hennings Manuscript 1981


These are original signatures of some ancestors. Additional signatures appear on web pages dedicated to specific families.

Flyleaf with Caylor and Edwards signatures.
John Frost, History of the United States; for the Use of Schools and Academies (Philadelphia: Cosperthwait, Desilver & Butler, 1854). Book used by Laura Edwards and in possession of Robert Stoy.
James Edwards (1810 - c.1855)
Maria Caylor (1877 - 1941)
Laura Virginia Edwards (1851 - 1905)

Jonathan Edward Edwards (1818 - ?)
William Dove (1809 - 1871)
Jonathan Lewis (1807 - c.1875)
Administrator bond for estate of Joseph Edwards, 14 Dec 1858, Loudoun County, Virginia.

John Lefever (1829 - 1903)
Joseph Arundell (1808 - 1881)
Samuel Lefever (1828 - 1904)
Henry Lefever (1822 - 1892)
Richard H Havener (1836 - 1904)
William M Havener (1832 - ?)
Administrator bond for estate of William Lefever, 16 Aug 1865, Loudoun County, Virginia.