These documents are mostly transcriptions of the original microfilm materials with the exception of the following PDF and Blog sections.

pdf Exhibit Files in Database

The following pdf files are part of the exhibits database and show up as an icon underneath an individual's name when an exhibit is available. The files are additionally included here for more visibility and as an additional way to display source information.

File Name Attached to Database Name
Aaron Stoy Descendants Research Docs Aaron Stoy
Allie Young - Milliner 1930 Allie Young
Amnesty Papers - Lebright Young 1865 Lebright E R Young
Ann Morgan Letter - Peter Oatyer Peter Oatyer
Atcher Family Record - Bible Peter Atcher
Bay Pines Cemetery - Elmer Curry Stoy Elmer Curry Stoy
Bible Record - William Winget William Winget
Bible Records of Jonathan Mulford Jonathan Mulford
Bounty Land Warrant - James Primm James Primm
Browns Chapel Cemetery Samuel Thomas Caylor
Winget Bible Caleb Winget
Casper Spring Family Tree Casper Spring
Charles Frantz - Handcraft Shop Charles Frantz
Charles Howard Stoy - Navy Pilot Charles Howard Stoy
Charles Howard Stoy - Navy Reserve Charles Howard Stoy
Charles J Maffett Oral History Charles J Maffett
Charles Stoy Payment Receipt for Will Disbursement Charles Stoy
Clarence Caylor Love of Baseball Clarence Caylor
Daniel Winget Descendants Daniel Winget
Death - Henry H Rudd Herrod H Rudd
Deed - Philip & James Stoy 1828 Philip Stoy
Deeds - Lebright Young - Murray Co GA Lebright E R Young
Deeds - Ross and Fayette Counties OH - Caylor Jacob Caylor
Del Ankers - Lens on History Frank 'Del' Ankers
Del Ankers - Snapshots of a Photographer's Life Frank 'Del' Ankers
Division of Stoy Homestead and Barton Farm Charles Stoy
Divorce of Charles Stoy and Elenora Stoy Charles Stoy
Dove Family of Fairfax County William Dove
Dranesville Charles Stoy
Edith Stoy - Club Election Edith Marian Chandler
Edith Stoy - Pharmacist Edith Marian Chandler
Edward James Ankers Website Edward James Ankers
Elijah L Rudd Family Elijah L Rudd
Elm St Property Transfer to Maria Elmer Curry Stoy
Elmer & Maria Stoy Divorce Records Jonathan Mulford
Elmer Curry Stoy - In Uniform c1900 Elmer Curry Stoy
Ewing Young - Message Board Ewing Young
Fish Families Jeremiah Fish
Franklin Stoy Arrested Franklin Pierce Stoy
Georgia Fourth Land Lottery - Simmons Jesse Simmons
Hammerly Family BIble Sarah Woody Hammerly
Harold Stoy - Veteran of Two Wars Harold Tidball Stoy
Harold Stoy at Tommie Stoor Burial Harold Tidball Stoy
Harold Stoy Found Harold Tidball Stoy
Harold Stoy Visitors Harold Tidball Stoy
Henry Maffett - William&MaryQuarterly Henry Moffett
Hopewell Cemetery - Mary A Stoy Mary Ann Duble
Howard Stoy - Rites Arranged Howard Stoy
Imogene Rudd Family Imogene Nettie Rudd
Inventory - Daniel Clutch 1801 Daniel Clutch
Inventory - James Primm Estate James Primm
James Edward Rudd Family James Edward Rudd
James Stoy Elementary School James Stoy
James Stoy's Estate - NewspaperArticles1843 James R Stoy
John and Avis Rudd Estate & Court Docs John Rudd
John Lefever - Participant in Mob Lynching John Richard Lafever
John W Young Descendants John W Young
Jonathan Porter Ankers and Olive Frances Bladen Jonathan Porter Ankers
Joseph Champion Bond to Philip Stoy Philip Stoy
Joseph Dove Research of Gary Lee Hall Joseph Dove
Letter - Ann Hennings to Ginny McAllister 1997 Ann Virginia Arnold
Letter - Ann Hennings to GSA Elmer Curry Stoy
Letter - Mary Jo Lewis 2006 Mary Josephine Berry
Letter - Matilda Morley Etcher Matilda Morley
Letter - Roberta Mansfield Robert Augustus Young
Letter - Spafford Taylor 2002 Spafford Taylor
Letter - Spafford Taylor 2003 Spafford Taylor
Margaret Stoy Tripartite Deed Margaret Clutch
Marine Recruit Drowned Elmer Curry Stoy
Mercer Sayre Triplets Mercer Sayre
Michael C Winget Bible Michael C Winget
Monroe Co OH - Deed - Mercer Sayre Mercer Sayre
Mt Hope Cemetery - Goldie Maffett List Goldie Estelle Maffet
National Memorial Park - Falls Church Virginia Mae Stoy
Newspaper - Evelyn Caylor 1988 Evelyn Bodmer
Newspaper - Howard Alley Book A Howard Eugene Alley
Newspaper - Howard Alley Book B Howard Eugene Alley
Newspaper - John Simpson 1787 John Simpson
Obit - Franklin P Stoy Franklin Pierce Stoy
Obit - Susanna Stoy Susannah Dora Richardson
Obit-WalterStoy-CourierPost-1955 Walter Scott Stoy
Pension - Isaac Armstrong - Philip Stoy Affidavit Philip Stoy
Pension Application - William Dove William Dove
Pension Record - William Dove William Dove
Peter Oatyer Letter - Ann Morgan Peter Oatyer
Peter Oatyer Sale of Broadrun Land Peter Oatyer
Philip Stoy - Timer Rights 1829 Philip Stoy
Philip Stoy v Samuel Miller 1818 Philip Stoy
Phoebe Stoy Chancery Order 1886 Phoebe Ann Kelley
Probate Docs - James McClutche James McClutch
Rebecca Stoy - School Play Rebecca D Stoy
Records of First Presbyterian Church Elizabeth NJ Alexander Simpson
Release of Heirs of Catherine Stoy 1853 Catherine Rodgers
Reuben Winget Military Service Reuben Winget
Sale of Peter Oatyer Property Peter Oatyer
Samuel Thomas Caylor Confederate Service Samuel Thomas Caylor
Stafford-LandTaxList-JamesPrimm James Primm
Stafford-Tithables-Primm James Primm
Stoy Family - Scouting Rosemary E Stoy
Stoys Landing Dedication Philip Stoy
Stoy's Landing Place Name Philip Stoy
Survey Map - James Stoy 1829 James R Stoy
Tabitha Simson - Baptism Tabitha Simson
Ten Thousand Name Petition - Peter Oatyer Peter Oatyer
The Progeny of John Long John Long
Thomas Henry Young - Railroad Retirement Papers Thomas Henry Young
Thomas Rudd Death Thomas J Rudd
Tyler Maffett Missing WWII Tyler Maffett
Walker Co GA - Deeds - William Sanford Young William Sanford Young
Walker Co GA - Land Transaction Summary William Sanford Young
Walker Co GA - William S Young Property Sold William Sanford Young
Walter Stoy - Episcopal Church Walter Scott Stoy
Walter Stoy - Sad Story Walter Scott Stoy
Walter Stoy 91st Birthday Walter Scott Stoy
Walter Stoy Interview by Haydock Philip Stoy
Walter Stoy SPCA Walter Scott Stoy
Wedding - Alice Loveday & Dutton Stoy Alice Lee Loveday
William Dove Research Report William Dove
William Millard Rudd William Millard Rudd
William Sayre - Biography William Wesley Sayre
William Winget Bible Records A William Winget
William Winget Bible Records B William Winget
William Winget Descendants William Winget
Wilmoth Rudd Descendants Wilmoth Rudd
Winget Families in America 1963 Caleb Winget
Winget Family of Washington & Greene Counties PA Caleb Winget
Young Family Land William Sanford Young


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Dutch Handwriting and Fonts

Research Process

Critical Thinking


Alexander Rowand (??-1743) New Jersey - Gloucester County
Alexander Simpson (c.1715-1768) New Jersey - Essex County
Avis (Whittaker) Rudd (c.1685-1760) Virginia - Chesterfield County
Daniel Goble (c.1685-1750) New Jersey - Morris County
Daniel Stoy (1804-1860) New Jersey - Camden County
Hannah Rudd (c.1705-c.1772) Virginia - Chesterfield County
Hatevil Nutter (c.1600-1675) New Hampshire - Dover Township
Jacob Rowand (1799-1880) New Jersey - Camden County
James H Muse (1820-1897) Virginia - Loudoun County
John Matlack (1683-1765) New Jersey - Gloucester County
John Rowand (1723-1760) New Jersey - Gloucester County
John Rudd (c.1678-c.1749) Virginia - Chesterfield County
John Rudd (c.1706-1760) Virginia - Chesterfield County
John Rudd (??-1765) Virginia - Mecklenburg County
John Winget (1670-1715) New Hampshire - Dover Township
John Winget (c.1640-1687) New Hampshire - Dover Township
Jonathan Edwards (1741-1810) Virginia - Loudoun County
Joseph Rudd (c.17912-1779) Virginia - Mecklenburg County
Moses Winget (c.1674-1698) New Hampshire - Dover Township
Rebecca Edwards (1773-1845) Virginia - Loudoun County
Reuben Winget (1719-1755) New Jersey - Morris County
Samuel Sayres (1761-1813) Pennsylvania - Washington County
Sarah (Cloud) Reeves (1775-1848) New Jersey - Burlington County
William Rudderow (1738-1808) New Jersey - Gloucester County
Franklin Pierce Stoy (1853-1911) New Jersey - Atlantic County
Jacob Snider (1775-1840) Ohio - Fayette County
John Poston (c.1700-c.1746) Pennsylvania - Chester County
Jonathan Eldridge (c.1657-1736) New Jersey - Burlington County
Jonathan Eldridge (1765-1786) New Jersey - Burlington County
Thomas Powell (c.1794-1856) Georgia - Chattooga County
William Lefever (1777-1850) Virginia - Loudoun County
William Moran (1748-1824) Virginia - Loudoun County
Anthony DuChesne (c.1643-c.1712) New York - New York County
Daniel Eldridge (c.1743-c.1780) New Jersey - Burlington County
Edward Barber (??-1764) Maryland - St Mary's County
John Myvert Barber (c.1745-1802) Maryland - St Mary's County
John Poston (1725-1785) North Carolina - Rowan County
Jonathan Eldridge (c.1725-1764) New Jersey - Burlington County
Sarah (Cunningham) Poston (c.1752-c.1832) North Carolina - Iredell County
Thomas Lyne (c.1712-c.1764) Virginia - Richmond County
William Baldridge (1689-c.1770) Pennsylvania - Lancaster County
Alexander Simson (c.1665-1721) New York - Richmond County
Robert Young Sr (c.1717-1792) Tennessee - Washington County
John Simpson (1726-1786) New Jersey - Gloucester County
John Rodgers (?-1797) New Jersey - Camden County
Phebe (Douglass) Young (c.1743-1810) Tennessee - Washington County
Simeon Simpson (1743-1830) Pennsylvania - Washington County
John Young (c.1745-c.1801) Tennessee - Washington County
Robert Young Jr (c.1746-1806) Tennessee - Washington County
John Baker (??-1803) New Jersey - Hunterdon County
Herrod Rudd (c.1745-1829) Tennessee - McMinn County
Stephen Simpson (1749-1842) Pennsylvania - Greene County
Peter Oatyar (1751-1834) Virginia - Loudoun County
Isaiah Clutch (c.1755-1831) New Jersey - Gloucester County
Charles Young (c.1758-1796) Tennessee - Washington County
Joseph Young (c.1762-1822) Tennessee - Washington County
Esther (Crockett) Young (c.1764-1843) Tennessee - Washington County
Philip Stoy (1767-1852) New Jersey - Camden County
Mary (Rutledge) Young (c.1768-1810) Tennessee - Washington County
Jacob Caylor (1775-1848) Ohio - Fayette County
Adam Caylor (1776-1840) Ohio - Fayette County
Catherine (Etcher) Caylor (1781-1850) Ohio - Fayette County
James W Young (c.1784-1834) Tennessee - Washington County
Wilkins Young (c.1792-c.1826) Tennessee - Washington County
Aminda (Sayre) Kelly (1824-1885) West Virginia - Wetzel County
Theodore Stoy (1847-1892) New Jersey - Camden County
Maria (Caylor) Stoy (1877-1941) Virginia - Fairfax County


James Stoy (1796-1842) New Jersey - Gloucester County
Daniel Stoy (1804-1860) New Jersey - Camden County


Jonathan Douglas and Phebe Young to James Young
9 Nov 1808
Tennessee - Washington County
James R Young and Lebright E R Young
29 Aug 1848
Tennessee - Washington County
James R Young to James T Young
25 Jan 1849 1st deed
Tennessee - Washington County
James R Young to James T Young
25 Jan 1849 2nd deed
Tennessee - Washington County
James T Young to Wm H Young
7 Aug 1862
Tennessee - Washington County
L E R Young to Wm H Young
11 May 1863
Tennessee - Washington County
O L Young to Pleasant McGhee
31 Dec 1883
Tennessee - Washington County

Military Pension Papers

Simeon Simpson (1743-1830) Revolutionary War
Stephen Simpson (1749-1842) Revolutionary War
John Primm (1750-1837) Revolutionary War
James Primm (1754-1820) Revolutionary War
Samuel Rutan (1754-1840) Revolutionary War
Samuel Morrison (1841-1887) Civil War

Personal Journals

Robert Huey Parker (1835-1910) Georgia - Habersham County


Manufacturing Industries North Carolina - Iredell County
listing from 1820 census
Stoy Family Genealogy - Ann (Arnold) Hennings Manuscript 1981


These are original signatures of some ancestors. Additional signatures appear on web pages dedicated to specific families.

Flyleaf with Caylor and Edwards signatures.
John Frost, History of the United States; for the Use of Schools and Academies (Philadelphia: Cosperthwait, Desilver & Butler, 1854). Book used by Laura Edwards and in possession of Robert Stoy.
James Edwards (1810 - c.1855)
Maria Caylor (1877 - 1941)
Laura Virginia Edwards (1851 - 1905)

Jonathan Edward Edwards (1818 - ?)
William Dove (1809 - 1871)
Jonathan Lewis (1807 - c.1875)
Administrator bond for estate of Joseph Edwards, 14 Dec 1858, Loudoun County, Virginia.

John Lefever (1829 - 1903)
Joseph Arundell (1808 - 1881)
Samuel Lefever (1828 - 1904)
Henry Lefever (1822 - 1892)
Richard H Havener (1836 - 1904)
William M Havener (1832 - ?)
Administrator bond for estate of William Lefever, 16 Aug 1865, Loudoun County, Virginia.