Viewed from the beginning of the 21st Century, the Stoy family of Northern Virginia and its allied lines can be traced more than 200 years to the 1700s in New Jersey. But in only a few cases can we locate an ancestor across the Atlantic in his/her country of origin (for example, the Sayre line in England and the Maffett line in Scotland). The material in this web site focuses on the families in the US, their earliest appearances on the eastern seaboard, and their movements in a fairly narrow geography from the 1700s to the middle of the 20th Century.

The two tables below (arranged in generation order) describe the primary movements of the families on the paternal and maternal direct lines along with the last female on the direct line having the surname (with her birth and death dates). Alternate spellings of the surnames are listed in a few cases. Some of these families are explored in other parts of this web site.

Paternal Family
Surname Migrations Female Given Name Birth Date Death Date
? > NJ > VA
(Kälor, Calor, etc)
Ger? > VA Maria Mount 1877 1941
Edwards ? > MD > VA Laura Virginia 1851 1905
Kelley ? > PA > OH > WV > VA Phebe Ann 1844 1903
Eng > NY > NJ > PA > OH > WV > VA Aminda 1824 1885
Dove ? > VA Mary c.1822 c.1887
(Moffett, Moffet)
Scot > VA Mary Eleanor 1807 1862
(Wingate, Wingett)
Eng? > NJ > PA > WV Margaret 1798 1849
? > VA Lydia Dent 1785 1871
(Oatyar, Etcher)
Ger? > NJ > VA Elizabeth
Hampton ? > NJ > PA Nancy 1768 1844
? > NY > NJ > PA Lydia 1765 1841
Mulford ? > NJ Mary 1745 1774
Welch Eng > VA Margaret 1709 1770

Maternal Family
Surname Migrations Female Given Name Birth Date Death Date
Young ? > TN > GA Mary Louise 1917 1977
Rudd Eng? > VA > TN Grace Argyle 1889 1948
Morrison Ire > WV > TN Anna Roberta 1867 1926
Simmons ? > NC > GA Sarah Elizabeth c.1852 1892
Fleming Scot > WV Mary c.1844 1916
Ross Ire > WV Mary c.1821 1900
Brown ? > TN Mary A c.1835 c.1865
Powell ? > GA Jane A c.1827 1857
Alley ? > VA > NC > GA Oney Lucinda 1825
Poston ? > NC > GA Martha 1787 1862
Cunningham ? > NC Sarah c.1764
Barber ? > MD Henrietta c.1760?
Hayes ? > VA > TN Sarah c.1755 1845
Price ? > VA > NC Mary c.1754
Blackburn ? > VA Margaret bef.1749 c.1776
Becher Ger > NJ > VA Anna Maria c.1745 c.1831
Douglass ? > VA > TN Phebe c.1743 1810
Barber ? > MD > VA Sarah c.1740 1810
Dent ? > MD Lydia Swan 1739
Myvert ? > MD Sarah c.1720?
Burroughs ? > MD Sarah c.1715?
Cartwright ? > MD Elizabeth c.1715
Chapman ? > MD Ann c.1702
Chine ? > NY Magdelene c.1690?
Haden ? > MD Mary c.1690?
Whittaker ? > VA Avis c.1685 bef.1760
Turner ? > MD Catherine c.1682 bef.1753
Van Voorhees Neth > NY Jannetje Stevenese 1652 c.1700
Hatch ? > MD Mary c.1635 1726
Foster Eng > NY Hannah c.1630
Seubering Neth? > NY Willempie Roelofse 1619 1690
Atkins Eng Elizabeth c.1570

For example, the Sayre family has a lengthy history of migration on the paternal direct line and is treated in more detail in the section on Sayre Migration. The first Sayre family member appeared on Long Island, then there was migration to New Jersey, then another migration occurred in 1790 to western Pennsylvania, a move of a short distance to Ohio took place in 1830, then another short move to West Virginia (Virginia at the time) in 1839 and then to Virginia (Fairfax County) by 1870. Sayre family members that are allied, but not on our direct line, have remained in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other states and some moved further west to Ohio and Iowa as new land opened.

The Alley, Rudd and Young families on the maternal side are extensive; the Alley and Young families have been reasonably well-researched but the Rudd family has not faired so well. Although there is some information on the family, there are many mistakes in the records, especially for the Tennessee families. The origin of the Rudd family in Virginia is uncertain and not well-proven before John Rudd (c.1678- c.1748). There was an interesting comment on four original Rudd immigrants in 2001 on a Rudd Family Genealogy Forum, although no support or sources were cited.

The fact that the families have roots in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and other states of the thirteen original colonies helps in locating documents. The state archives in Trenton (New Jersey), Harrisburg (Pennsylvania), Richmond (Virginia) and Raleigh (North Carolina) as well as the National Archives have helped tremendously in uncovering deeds, wills, court documents and military records, not to mention census records. The greatest help in tracing people through the census records has been the web site - the indexes and images of census pages are invaluable and save untold amounts of time in this area of record examination.

Several locations stand out in the Stoy family history: Loudoun County, Virginia; Fairfax County, Virginia; Washington County, Pennsylvania; McMinn County, Tennessee; Camden County, New Jersey; and Essex County, New Jersey. I've included a section on each location and try to show not only the family events that took place but also some of the local history that shaped these families and that may have precipitated some of the migrations.


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