Research Reports

This page contains a number of research reports, most in the form of event lists in time order. I use this approach when investigating early family members where parentage, birth and marriage dates, and children are either unknown or poorly understood. This happens with the earliest families in the early 1800s or 1700s, where little or no direct evidence has been found. Once all the supportable events (with sources listed) in the life of a person are identified, and similar information is prepared for other family members, it is usually possible to determine approximate dates and relationships for birth, marriage and children and, occasionally, parents. Frequently, only a range of dates can be cited.

Calor/Caylor Family Members of Loudoun County, Virginia

Doves of Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, Virginia

Peter Oatyar/Oettgen of Hunterdon County, New Jersey and Loudoun County, Virginia

The Atcher Family Beginnings in Loudoun County, Virginia

Alexander Simson of Kings County, New York

Jesse Simmons of Chattooga County, Georgia

Margaret Clutch of Gloucester County, New Jersey